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This program a has a fourfold purpose for every student:

(1) Provide a firm foundation for teaching spiritual truths;

(2) Provide training in practical application of students’ knowledge of the Word of God;

(3) Give the student a proper understanding of and appreciation for the Scriptures as the inerrant, infallible, and authoritative Word of God; and

(4) Give the student a proper understanding of himself in relation to Almighty God as a redeemed sinner who has become a son with a servant’s heart.

Designed for pastors, lay leaders, and those desiring to serving others through Christian ministry.

This program will help students develop a solid biblical and theological foundation for practical service in ministry.

The program also includes practicums that allow students to apply their newfound knowledge within a church setting, preparing them to effectively teach, mentor, preach, evangelize, disciple, and serve as administrators within the local church, para-church or other church-related ministry as they train and encourage others in Christian service.


SalvationBeginning a relationship with God
Servanthood The foundation of your relationship with God
LordshipDefining your relationship with God through our Lord Jesus Christ.
Principles of PrayerEstablishing and Maintaining your relationship with God through effect prayer.
CovenantsUnderstanding your relationship with God
Family CounselingHelping others in interpersonal and spiritual relationships
Study  of Religions - A study of the major religions and ideologies of the world and their relationship to Christianity. History and worldview, scriptures and major teachings will be examined for religions such as Animism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christian, and Islam, and as well as other ideologies.
The Prophetic - What is true prophecy? What is the difference between prophecy and the Word of Knowledge?  How can you tell the difference between a true and false prophet? This in-depth study on prophecy will explore every aspect of prophecy from the prophetic utterance to the performance of God's prophetic Word.

Spiritual WarfareBiblically based instructions on spiritual warfare. Knowledge, position and application.

*Other courses may added as led by the Holy Ghost.


Students will become reflective, responsible, and effective leaders in the local church as demonstrated by:

  • effective written and oral communication skills
  • critical-thinking and problem-solving skills as it pertains to ministry
  • competency in academic majors pertaining to building, ministering and disciplining the Church.
  • development of interpersonal and team skills as it pertains to ministry.
  • Fulfillment of Ephesians 4:12-13 as it pertains to the Church.