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                                            NEWS BULLETIN!!

 NEW Believers Class

Forming Now!  A class dedicated to new converts, new believers, babes in Christ, and non-believers!

Classes will begin January 13, 2021, 7 CST, 8 EST.

These classes are designed to teach the fundamentals of the Bible to new converts, babes in Christ desiring the sincere milk of the Word of God, and those desiring to teach God's Word.

EVERYONE called of our Lord Jesus is called to "perfect the Saints" ( Ephesians 4:14).  These classes will teach you how to teach the fundamentals of God's word to new converts or babes in Christ.

Taught in 6 modules. Each module is 2 weeks in duration, approximately 60 minutes Along.

Modules to be taught - Reconciliation, Prayer, Baptism, Born Again, Salvation, Lordship

ALL CLASSES ARE ABSOLUTELY FREE. The study material for each module will be provided by the class Instructor.

Registration is required.  Click here to register